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The Platinum Plus AdvantageLifetime Warranty
Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

Your stainless steel cooking utensils have been manufactured and are are backed by a Lifetime Warranty by the Platinum Cookware Company.  This means, when you purchase your cookware through Healthy Solutions, it will be the last set of cookware that you will ever have to invest in.  If you happen to break, burn or anyway damage your Platinum cookware beyond usage, it will be replaced.  This gives you, the customer, the peace of mind that your investment is protected for life. 

Yes, you read this correctly…For Life!




Products purchased originally from Healthy Solutions, an authorized distributors are fully warrantied and are entitled to customer service support. Products purchased through other means, including auction sites and second hand stores are not warrantied and will NOT receive customer service support from Healthy Solutions. Not sold in retail stores.Sold only through demonstration by Healthy Solutions, an authorized distributor and dealer.