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17 Pc Ultimate Gourmet Set

17 Pc Ultimate Gourmet Set

Messerstahl® Cutlery appeals to the chef in all of us who love to cook and appreciate only the finest culinary kitchen tools.  Exceptional quality such as this is only available through a exceptional person, your authorized Messerstahl® distributor.

The Wait is Over!

Admit it, although we buy most things to please ourselves and we all secretly want to hear those five beautiful words, “Where did you get that?”  Wait no longer.  That is what’s going to be said about your new knife set.

Six Great Reason to Choose Messerstahl®

  1. Forged Not Stamped: Messerstahl® knifes are hand forged for superior strength and lifetime durability…Not stamped out of thin sheets of steel like most knives.

  2. Highest Quality Steel: Messerstahl® blades are crafted from French high carbon stainless steel with titanium.  This special alloy steel is famous throughout the world for it’s strength and sharpness.

  3. Full Tang Construction: Messerstahl® blades extend the full length of the handle, a hallmark of quality construction that provides comfort in use through precise balance.  Messerstahl® handles are molded to the blade resulting in a seamless and hygienic fit and finish.

  4. Textra-Grip™: Handles: Messerstahl® handles feature the patented Textra-Grip, a slip resistant finish that actually improves the user’s grip when wet unlike laminated wood or composite handles.

  5. Innovative Storage Block: The clear, durable Poly-Stahl™ knife block’s modern design is compatible with any kitchen decor.  Unlike wood, Poly-Stahl™ does not act like a breeding ground for bacteria.  Washable in warm, soapy water, it’s the most sanitary way to store your knifes.

  6. Pride of Craftsmanship:  Most knives can be assembled in hours.  Every Messerstahl® knife takes 2 (two) months to make and requires over fifty hand done operations.

17 Pc Ultimate Gourmet Set

A Large Chef’s Knife * Carving Knife * Bread Knife * Ham Slicer * Boning Knife
* Small Chef’s Knife * 
A Utility Knife * Paring Knife * 6 Steak Knifes * Carving Fork
* Sharpening Steel * Poly-Shahl
TM Block

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